Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Little Mother's Day

Monday, March 1, 2010

Six months down....three to go!

Today I had my "24-week" doctors appointment (I'm actually more like 26 weeks.) Just wanted to report that everything looks great! Hope's little heart is beating strong. She weighs just over 2 lbs and from everything we could see on today's 3-D ultrasound.....she looks just perfect!

Alexis has expressed her desires recently to be there for the delivery when Hope is born. I had her come to my appointments today to see how she would react to seeing things like my giant stomach and even just being in a hospital. She was awesome and it was great to have her with me.....especially when I started to get a little woozie during the ultrasound. She played with my hair and gently rubbed my forehead and cheeks. It was very sweet. My Midwife suggested she watch a few videos of women giving birth to see if she still wanted to be there in person when I give birth. We'll see how that goes!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Yesterday we met with the "high risk doctor" at our hospital for an ultrasound that every woman (35 and older) has to have, apparently. After seeing her cute little profile and measuring all of her bones and organs and stuff....... the Dr. said, "You'll notice here on the babies brain there is a little mark, it's called a (I can't remember the was long) and it is a marker for a chromosomal disorder. The particular disorder affects motor skills and is found in 1 in every 400 babies born...." He continued talking and my brain continued spinning and worrying and tender mercy came..........the doctor moved the ultra sound wand and stopped on her hand (she appeared to be waving to us!) He froze the screen and said, "Well.......I can tell you this, a baby that actually has (this particular) disorder could never do that with their hand. Their hands are always in a fist and they don't open! That should put you at ease!"

So......thank you baby HOPE for waving to us yesterday and putting my mind at ease! You appear to be growing beautifully and your little profile melted my heart and made me cry! I can't wait to see you and hold you and kiss you!!! Every day as Gabby (that's one of your big sisters') leaves for school she gives my tummy a little kiss and says......."OH MOM.....I JUST CANT WAIT TO HAVE HER HERE! Goodbye HOPE......I love you!" I feel the same stay in my little oven for as long as you possibly can! By June should be nice and warm here in Redmond and the sun will be just days away from shining for an entire MONTH!!!!

We love you already!

Friday, October 9, 2009

And now......a word from the Whitmore's!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Swing Set

Last year.....about this time....a group of amazing people came over and helped beautify the yard AND installed a swing set. My little family was going through so much and the swing set was a welcome and perfect "FUN ESCAPE" for them.

At least once a week, someone will ask me if the kids ever play on the swing set! I wanted to help spread the word that THEY DO! And they LOVE IT.....especially Alexis and Gabby! They would swing all day if I wouldn't remind them of things that have to get done every now and then! To any of you that may have contributed in anyway to this thoughtful and loving gift.........Thank you! Thank you for loving and serving the Whitmores in their greatest hour of need! Lots of Love! -------Amy

I took this picture of Gabby and Alexis today! They had no idea I was watching I often do! I love seeing (and hearing) the absolute JOY on their faces as they swing so high!

"End of the Year" Piano Recital

Friday, June 12, 2009

Gabby's Baptism

This is the video that I made for Gabby's Baptism. It's my best attempt to recreate the first seven years of her life in pictures. Gabby was baptized with her dear friend Ginny so you'll see lots of pictures of her as well.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Flying Home

As I prepared to head for home this evening (I started this document while in flight), we weren’t confident of my father’s condition. He had showed signs of improvement every day, but from what we were told there was only mild confidence that he would recover. And here I am, a husband and father with my own familial responsibilities, but I am also a son who loves his dad. Deciding to go home to Seattle or to stay in Dallas was a decision I had to make, but also wanted to avoid making.

Just as I was leaving dad’s room Katherine and her sister, Nancy, met me at the nurse’s station. We conversed with one of dad’s physicians and the doctor was surprised to learn that we hadn’t been updated - Dad didn’t need a liver! In fact, his liver and kidney numbers were improving and he will likely have no long-term physical impacts from this!

Should I be amazed? Gabby had prayed for a miracle as had so many of us . . . and here it was.

So I left Dallas confident in my dad’s improvement and recovery. Still, a mixed heart for me though, as leaving beloved relations always excercises the emotions. And yet, I could not be more pleased to head home to Amy and the children.

And isn’t it interesting that I should have the privlige of being unemployed during this time? This period has allowed me the time to be with my beloved Amy, to be rethinking my career and motivations and desires, and to put my energies into other interests. Rather than a time to be agitated it has become a cherished time of reflection and recharge.

I’m more content than I’ve been in months. There is an excitement about every day that I haven’t felt in a long while. There is also an excitement about creating something new and changing the world growing within me.

So tonight I’m on a plane, thinking and reflecting on what lies ahead and feeling that something great and profound is just over the horizon. And, sure enough, it is - I’m going home to my family.

Love to all,


Monday, February 2, 2009

An Update on Mike's Dad (Grandpa Frank)

Last Friday afternoon, Mike received a call from Grandma Katherine that his dad was in the hospital in critical condition. Saturday morning, things seemed to be improving until about 2pm when Katherine called, letting us know that his condition had actually gone from bad to worse. At 5pm, Mike was boarding a plane for Texas and by midnight, he was sitting at his fathers side in the hospital.

I shouldn't be amazed anymore by the incredible, heart felt prayers that seem to just run from the little mouths of Alexis, James and Gabby as they plead with God to work His miracles! Tonight, Gabby offered the prayer before dinner and prayed "that Grandpa Frank would get a miracle and that he would just be healed!" I am touched by their faith and their hope and feel so honored, grateful and blessed to be thier second mom!

I just got off the phone with Mike and he shared with me that his dads condition seems to be improving. He is aware of his surroundings and is able to respond.....Mike even had the chance to speak with him briefly today. Although he is still in intensive care and very critical condition, we are hopeful and prayerful that he will recover. Thank you for your happy thoughts and prayers. Lots of love! -----Amy

James, Gabby and Alexis wrote notes yesterday to Grandpa Frank, Grandma Katherine and to Dad. I'm posting their sweet notes here so that they will see them sooner rather than later.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Whenever I run into friends these days they ask, invariably, how we're doing. Months ago when I was asked the same question I replied that we were simply, "Okay." But that was last summer when life was anything but normal. A lot has happened since then, as you well know, and I have to say that life is nothing short of miraculous!

Also, without exception, invariably, no holds barred - every person I ever met who knows Amy said to me, "You're the luckiest man alive!"

I've always known I'm a lucky guy. I've used that term often throughout my life. Luck? According to Ben Kenobi, there's no such thing as luck. He may be on to something there. In fact, let me just say outright - I'm a blessed guy and I'm grateful that I can recognize the Lord's hand in my life. Now, I'm not insinuating that I'm "special" or that I'm better than anyone or . . . ? What I AM saying is that I often think to myself, "Is this really my life? Is this happening to me?" when I've had the high and low points over the last several months.

To Amy's friends - I owe you much credit. For not only were you right about her, this new life together with her is better than I could have imagined! We're gelling together as a new family, the kids are warm and welcoming to her, Amy is amazingly patient and jumping into the role of mom like a pro. And she treats me like a king and I only hope I can treat her with all the gentileness and kindness shown to my queen. How inexplicable is this? That she could be so perfect as a spouse to me AND as a mother to three children in so short a time? Is this really my life? Is this happening to me?

On a VERY personal note - we are doing great! There are times when I feel like I'm living a new life. Like I'm a new Mike. So much is new and different, and yet there is so much that is retained from before and I'm thankful for all of it. I'm doing a lousy job of expressing these thoughts - sorry about that.

Amy and I are enjoying every day together. Funny, but I left my job in December (my whole division was cut actually from the top-tier executive management down to the rank and file.) The job gave me the opportunity to be home to take care of Deb and the kids then. And now . . . I have the opportunity to be with Amy and look for new work. How fortuitous is this? I could not ask for a better support than Amy at this time. And frankly, after all I've been through, the loss of work is a nit in comparison.

When we've been together as a family on vacation or in public somewhere it just feels right. Feels natural. When we're in church together there is a bond that is quite comfortable. We're watching a movie as I write this and James and Gabby are sitting close with Amy and lounging with her.

Amy's friends were right. I am THE luckiest guy in the world. Thanks be to God and all his tender mercies to me.



Monday, December 29, 2008

Pictures from our trip!

"Beach Hut" dinner at Sunset (Saturday


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Morning With the Whitmore's


Christmas Morning "Breakfast In Bed"
Breakfast in bed.....only on vacation! So yummy and so much fun!

Dad, James and Gabby eating breakfast Christmas Morning!
Checking out the stockings!
James scores and I-Pod from Santa
Mom's new socks!
Dad in his cute Christmas beanie

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Waimea Canyon------"The Grand Canyon of Hawaii"

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